Letter by the President and Legal Representative, Franco Cutrupia, and letter by Mariassunta Peci

Dear Parents,

our school has started its fifth year, thus offering tuition from Kindergarten K1 to Primary 5. It still requires financial support, but from an educational point of view, it has entered its period of consolidation. As its managerial and educational structures have acquired a rather high degree of experience and capability, we have strong confidence in its future development, even if a person of high capability and high devotion to this school will no longer be with us. We refer to Ms. Mariassunta Peci, who imagined the foundation of the school as well as its organization and was assiduously involved in its educational management and development until a few days ago. She has now happily returned to Italy with her family, where she has resumed her educational job and assumed the prestigious position of School Principal.

We express our deep gratitude to Mariassunta and we wish her a brilliant professional future!

We shall follow her path and cherish her legacy! We shall keep our long- term commitment to support the development of our school both personally and financially.

The School Manager Ms. Giulia Ziggiotti, the School Educational Coordinator Ms. Annalisa Torrero, and the Kindergarten Coordinator Ms. Celeste Grassi, who have been with us from the very beginning, together with the newly appointed Primary Coordinator Mr. Marco Pasciuti, and all our deeply motivated staff are the best guarantee that we will achieve our targets.

Finally, we would like to inform you that to implement our programme to further develop the school, we are looking for additional space in the DRC compound to enlarge the school premises: we are confident we can obtain it possibly in the next few months.

Our best wishes to you and your children!

Franco Cutrupia

President and legal representative


We herewith enclose Mariassunta’s farewell letter

Dear Parents,

The fifth year of the Accredited Italian Embassy School in Beijing has just started. A cycle will soon come to an end and your children, as much in their learning as in their daily life experiences, are going through seasons and spaces of growth, discovery, and relations.

During these years I had the privilege of imagining, conceiving, and planning together with my staff and with your contribution growth paths, learning settings, researches and experiments that offered your children growth and learning opportunities alongside a passion for learning. I am very happy with the results we achieved together, as you have always been there and truly engaged in all the educational steps of your children. The exchange has been constant and truly constructive. I will never stop thanking Franco and Pauline Cutrupia for the big trust they put in me in and giving me the full freedom in my pedagogical-didactical choices. I tried to guarantee scientific accuracy in all of them. I thank the Ambassador Sequi and the Consul Poti for their constant support to the School. A special thanks goes to the staff of the Italian School who committed to the School and your children daily, with professionalism, enthusiasm, and new challenges.

I will bring with me every single moment of this incredible experience. I worked on this project with dedication, passion, and spirit of service for my beloved Country for seven years. I have taken some time away from my family, particularly my daughters, but slowly they themselves have become the strongest supporters of this project.

Now a new challenge is awaiting me in Italy, where I will lead an Italian School. My husband, Federico Roberto Antonelli, whom I thank for always being by my side and for contributing significantly to the realization of the school, has completed his mandate as Legal Attaché at the Embassy of Italy in China, and after eight years we are returning to Italy. Clearly, my professional engagements will not allow me to continue following this project daily, but I will always have endless love for the Italian School. As a gift and as a wish for the future of our children, I leave to the Italian community years of planning, realization and scientific coordination of the School, which year by year, have certainly become stronger, more innovative and capable of providing a high-quality educational offer.

There is no space in my luggage for the sacrifices made to achieve these results, nor for the difficult moments I sometimes had, nor for some of the meanness that someone on the move inevitably suffers. I only take with me, with great pride, the smile of your children, their looks full of wonder while learning, the meaningful daily exchanges I had with each of you and that have always inspired my choices. Please continue to support and love the Italian School, a big cultural heritage belonging to all of us, a bridge between our Country, China and the world. I still think education can truly change the world. Thank you for the love, esteem, and trust you have shown me during these unforgettable years.

A big hug.

Mariassunta Peci

Project creator and scientific coordinator