2018 Beijing Kids Design Week – Post event

The collaboration between Beijing Kids Design Week and the Accredited Italian Embassy School in Beijing has continued, and we are proud to have had our kids’ drawings contributing to the main installation “Dream City” as much as to have been listed as “KDW@Trip” (branch hall of the KDW festival).

In fact, on Saturday, September 29th, our school hosted two workshops Prehistoric Graffiti: A Bridge Between Children and Their City, hold by our Art teacher Ippolita Gallo, and Child Friendly City – Identity in the City – Italian Kisses, by our Chef Roberta Bari.

The attendances of more than 60 children and their families, of different ages and cultures, made these atelier events precious moments, where children, art and food design, build a creative harmony altogether.

We are grateful to KDW team and particularly to the Creative Director, Petra Vogelsang, for engaging our School and its kids into this fantastic community, and proud to receive the International Cultural Contribution Award during KDW Design Night Closing Event, on October 5th.

The 5th edition of the KDW was held in Beijing from September 21st until October 7th.
The one and only event in Beijing which connects different locations around the city for young and “old” children.
Kidstopia, the 2018 theme, characterised the festival with the interactive installations, workshops for fun and education, parent-child play areas and round tables with international and domestic professionals from architecture, design and education.