Letter by the President and Legal Representative, Franco Cutrupia, and letter by Mariassunta Peci

Dear Parents,

our school has started its fifth year, thus offering tuition from Kindergarten K1 to Primary 5. It still requires financial support, but from an educational point of view, it has entered its period of consolidation. As its managerial and educational structures have acquired a rather high degree of experience and capability, we have strong confidence in its future development, even if a person of high capability and high devotion to this school will no longer be with us. We refer to Ms. Mariassunta Peci, who imagined the foundation of the school as well as its organization and was assiduously involved in its educational management and development until a few days ago. She has now happily returned to Italy with her family, where she has resumed her educational job and assumed the prestigious position of School Principal.

We express our deep gratitude to Mariassunta and we wish her a brilliant professional future!

We shall follow her path and cherish her legacy! We shall keep our long- term commitment to support the development of our school both personally and financially.

The School Manager Ms. Giulia Ziggiotti, the School Educational Coordinator Ms. Annalisa Torrero, and the Kindergarten Coordinator Ms. Celeste Grassi, who have been with us from the very beginning, together with the newly appointed Primary Coordinator Mr. Marco Pasciuti, and all our deeply motivated staff are the best guarantee that we will achieve our targets.

Finally, we would like to inform you that to implement our programme to further develop the school, we are looking for additional space in the DRC compound to enlarge the school premises: we are confident we can obtain it possibly in the next few months.

Our best wishes to you and your children!

Franco Cutrupia

President and legal representative


We herewith enclose Mariassunta’s farewell letter

Dear Parents,

The fifth year of the Accredited Italian Embassy School in Beijing has just started. A cycle will soon come to an end and your children, as much in their learning as in their daily life experiences, are going through seasons and spaces of growth, discovery, and relations.

During these years I had the privilege of imagining, conceiving, and planning together with my staff and with your contribution growth paths, learning settings, researches and experiments that offered your children growth and learning opportunities alongside a passion for learning. I am very happy with the results we achieved together, as you have always been there and truly engaged in all the educational steps of your children. The exchange has been constant and truly constructive. I will never stop thanking Franco and Pauline Cutrupia for the big trust they put in me in and giving me the full freedom in my pedagogical-didactical choices. I tried to guarantee scientific accuracy in all of them. I thank the Ambassador Sequi and the Consul Poti for their constant support to the School. A special thanks goes to the staff of the Italian School who committed to the School and your children daily, with professionalism, enthusiasm, and new challenges.

I will bring with me every single moment of this incredible experience. I worked on this project with dedication, passion, and spirit of service for my beloved Country for seven years. I have taken some time away from my family, particularly my daughters, but slowly they themselves have become the strongest supporters of this project.

Now a new challenge is awaiting me in Italy, where I will lead an Italian School. My husband, Federico Roberto Antonelli, whom I thank for always being by my side and for contributing significantly to the realization of the school, has completed his mandate as Legal Attaché at the Embassy of Italy in China, and after eight years we are returning to Italy. Clearly, my professional engagements will not allow me to continue following this project daily, but I will always have endless love for the Italian School. As a gift and as a wish for the future of our children, I leave to the Italian community years of planning, realization and scientific coordination of the School, which year by year, have certainly become stronger, more innovative and capable of providing a high-quality educational offer.

There is no space in my luggage for the sacrifices made to achieve these results, nor for the difficult moments I sometimes had, nor for some of the meanness that someone on the move inevitably suffers. I only take with me, with great pride, the smile of your children, their looks full of wonder while learning, the meaningful daily exchanges I had with each of you and that have always inspired my choices. Please continue to support and love the Italian School, a big cultural heritage belonging to all of us, a bridge between our Country, China and the world. I still think education can truly change the world. Thank you for the love, esteem, and trust you have shown me during these unforgettable years.

A big hug.

Mariassunta Peci

Project creator and scientific coordinator

Apertura della Scuola durante la pausa estiva

Apertura della Scuola durante la pausa estiva

Per informazioni e/o comunicazioni amministrative, vi preghiamo di fare riferimento a Isabell Geng (i.geng@scuolapechino.com) e Giulia Ziggiotti (g.ziggiotti@scuolapechino.com).

 Le famiglie potranno prendere appuntamento (Apt. 3-1-11), con il seguente orario:

  • Tutti i Lunedì, dalle ore 13:00 alle ore 16:00
  • Tutti i Martedì e Giovedì, dalle ore 08:00 alle ore 16:00

 La Scuola sarà chiusa dal 13 al 28 Luglio.


School working hours during the summer break

For information and/or any administrative issue, you shall refer to Isabell Geng (i.geng@scuolapechino.com) and Giulia Ziggiotti (g.ziggiotti@scuolapechino.com).

Families could schedule appointments (Apt. 3-1-11), during these weekly slots:

  • Monday, from 1 to 4 pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday, from 8 am to 4 pm

The School will be closed from July 13th to 28th.

Enrollment 2019-2020


Accredited Italian Embassy School in Beijing – Kindergarten and Primary

2019-2020 Enrolment starts on March 18th

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Scuola Italiana Paritaria d’Ambasciata di Pechino – Infanzia e Primaria

Le iscrizioni per l’anno scolastico 2019-2020 sono aperte dal 18 Marzo

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Italiano quarta lingua più studiata al mondo: supera il francese

[IT] Italiano quarta lingua più studiata al mondo: supera il francese

È difficile conoscere il numero esatto delle persone che parlano una lingua e in gran parte dipende dal momento storico e da quale istituzione sia la fonte dell’analisi, in quanto i numeri possono variare molto tra una rilevazione e un’altra. Ad ogni modo, gli ultimi dati sullo studio dell’italiano sono sorprendenti.

Ne danno notizia l’agenzia giornalistica Agi e il Sole 24 Ore che riprendono la pubblicazione del SIL International, Ethnologue. Quest’ultima fornisce statistiche su migliaia di lingue del mondo in base al numero dei parlanti, diffusione e dialetti e pone l’italiano come quarta lingua studiata al mondo per l’anno accademico 2016/17, con 2.145.093 studenti in 115 paesi.

Si tratta in realtà di un trend ormai consolidato da qualche anno, in quanto la classifica vedeva passare da 1,7 milioni a più di due milioni gli studenti di italiano dal biennio 2013-2014 a quello successivo.

A livello europeo i dati cambiano con l’inglese studiato dal 97,3% degli alunni delle scuole secondarie e il francese dal 33,8%. Seguono il tedesco con il 23,1%, lo spagnolo (13,6%), il russo (2,7%) e l’italiano (1,1%). Nella sola Italia la classifica pone in ordine inglese, francese, spagnolo e tedesco con un crescente interesse per il cinese e l’arabo.

Per quanto riguarda le lingue più parlate a livello mondiale, la classifica pone prevedibilmente l’inglese al primo posto con un miliardo e 190 milioni di persone, seguito dal cinese con un miliardo e 107 milioni di individui e l’hindi-urdu, parlato da 697,4 milioni di persone.

Curiosamente l’italiano risulta la lingua più parlata come madrelingua in più paesi, 26 in tutto, a causa della forte emigrazione di Italiani all’estero.


[EN] Italian fourth most studied language in the world: it exceeds French

It is difficult to know the exact number of people who speak a language and largely depends on the historical moment and which institution is the source of the analysis, as the numbers can vary widely between one survey and another. In any case, the latest data on the study of Italian is surprising.

The news agency Agi and Il Sole 24 Ore report the publication of SIL International, Ethnologue. This provides statistics on thousands of languages of the world based on the number of speakers, dissemination and dialects and places Italian as the fourth language studied in the world for the 2016/17 academic year, with 2.145.093 students in 115 countries.

This is actually a trend now consolidated for a few years, as the ranking saw the students moving from 1.7 million to more than two million from the two-year period 2013-2014 to 2015-2016.

At the European level data change with the English language studied by 97.3% of secondary school pupils and French by 33.8%. German follows with 23.1%, then Spanish (13.6%), Russian (2.7%) and Italian (1.1%). Considering Italy, the ranking places English in the first place, then French, Spanish and German with a growing interest in Chinese and Arabic.

As for the most widely spoken languages in the world, the ranking predictably puts English in first place with a billion and 190 million people, followed by Chinese with a billion and 107 million individuals and the Hindi-Urdu, spoken by 697,4 million people.

Curiously, Italian is the most spoken language as a native speaker in several countries, 26 in total, due to the strong emigration of Italians abroad.


Natale in Istituto – Christmas Bazaar

(source: Italian Institute of Culture)

Domenica 10 dicembre si è tenuto in Istituto il bazaar natalizio organizzato dalla rivista cinese Luxury Times per avvicinare il pubblico cinese al clima gioioso delle festività natalizie, presentando una ricca selezione di prodotti Made in Italy, grazie alla partecipazione, tra gli altri, dei più importanti importatori e distributori cinesi dell’enogastronomia italiana, e alla presenza di un ristoratore italiano che ha deliziato gli avventori con succulenti piatti tipici. In aggiunta, durante il bazaar sono state esposte all’ingresso dell’Istituto Italiano di Cultura due splendidi modelli di auto sportive dei celebri marchi italiani “Maserati” e “Alfa Romeo”, oggi importati con successo in Cina.

Il bazaar si è avvicinato ai bambini presentando un coro di voci bianche ma, soprattutto, offrendo un tavolo alla Scuola Italiana d’Ambasciata per promuovere la sua offerta formativa e offrendo una piccola donazione.

Seconda Settimana della Cucina italiana in Cina

Dal 20 al 26 Novembre 2017 si e’ svolta la Seconda Settimana della Cucina italiana in Cina, l’occasione ideata dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri e Cooperazione Internazionale per promuovere la cultura dell’alimentazione e la tradizione della cucina italiana nel Mondo.

Ambasciata, Consolati Generali, Istituto di Cultura, Agenzia per il Commercio Estero, Camera di Commercio hanno collaborato per offrire un calendario di eventi ricco e variegato. La Scuola Italiana Paritaria d’Ambasciata ha partecipato all’iniziativa organizzando un’edizione speciale dell’Atelier del Gusto per i genitori e costruendo un percorso didattico per i bambini e bambine della Scuola, con la preparazione della pasta all’uovo e ripiena tipica dell’Emilia Romagna, regione protagonista della Settimana in Cina, e con l’aggiornamento del libro segreto delle nostre ricette piu’ buone.

Giovedì 23 Novembre – Atelier del Gusto al buio

Pasta all’uovo, ravioli, tartufo, vino: profumi, sapori, colori della tradizione italiana. Grazie alla collaborazione con 100ITA e Spazio Italia, il consueto appuntamento con l’Atelier del Gusto dello Chef Roberta Bari e’ diventato occasione per una degustazione di prodotti e vini italiani.

Ospite d’eccezione per la serata, Claudia Giudici, Presidente di Reggio Children, che ha condiviso l’esperienza dell’Atelier con le famiglie e gli Amici della Scuola.

Venerdì 24 Novembre – Visita istituzionale del Presidente della Regione Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini e sua delegazione, “Parla con me con lo Chef stellato Massimo Spigaroli”

Il Presidente della Regione Emilia-Romagna e una numerosa delegazione presente a Pechino in occasione della partecipazione ufficiale della Regione alle attivita’ della Seconda Settimana della Cucina italiana in Cina hanno visitato la Scuola nella mattina di Venerdì 24 Novembre.

Il Presidente Bonaccini ha apprezzato l’esperienza educativa della Scuola Italiana e ha ringraziato per la passione con cui si continua la tradizione dell’eccellenza pedagogica italiana.

Nel pomeriggio, dopo un pranzo con menu’ a base di tortellini e cappelletti in brodo e bollito misto con salsa, i bambini e le bambine della primaria hanno incontrato lo Chef Massimo Spigaroli per una puntata del progetto “Parla con me”. Esperti nell’arte della sfoglia dopo le lezioni in Atelier del Gusto con Roberta e come curiosi giornalisti, hanno dialogato sollevando molte domande, dal perche’ Massimo Spigaroli abbia deciso di fare lo Chef a quale sia il suo piatto preferito.

Lo Chef Spigaroli ha raccontato ai bambini la sua passione per la natura, la campagna, gli animali e i prodotti della terra, poi trasformatasi nella professione di chef e nell’avventura imprenditoriale che l’ha portato a conseguire la prestigiosa “stella” (Michelin). Si e’ complimentato con lo Chef Roberta per il profumo del brodo di pollo, che ricordava quello della casa della sua infanzia, dove la nonna era in cucina. I bambini e le bambine della Scuola hanno seguito con vivo interesse il suo racconto, prendendo meticolosamente appunti e realizzando alcuni disegni, che presto saranno rielaborati assieme agli insegnanti della Scuola.

Second Week of the Italian Cuisine in China


Engineered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote the food culture and the tradition of the Italian cuisine all around the World, the Second Week of the Italian Cuisine in China was held from November 20th to 26th 2017.

The Embassy of Italy, Consulates General, Institute of Culture, Italian Trade Agency, China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, they all cooperated to offer a varied and rich calendar of promotional events. The Accredited Italian Embassy School contributed to it, organizing, for families and friends, a special edition of its “Atelier del Gusto” and planning an educational path for children, including activities such as the traditional Emilian egg and filled pasta making and the update of the cook book with the secret and most delicious recipes of the School.

Thursday, November 23rd – Blind Atelier del Gusto

Egg pasta, ravioli, truffle, wine: smells, tastes, colours of the Italian tradition. Thanks to 100ITA and Spazio Italia, the monthly appointment with the “Atelier del Gusto” by School Chef Roberta Bari became the chance to taste Italian special products and wines. Special guest of the night was the President of Reggio Children, Claudia Giudici.

Friday, November 24th – Institutional Visit, President of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini and his delegation, “Parla con me with starred Chef Massimo Spigaroli”

The President of Emilia-Romagna together with a large delegation in Beijing on the occasion of the participation of the Region to the activities of the Second Week of the Italian Cuisine in China visited the School in the morning of Friday, November 24th.

President Bonaccini praised the educational experience of the Italian School and the passion to continue to develop the tradition of Italian pedagogical excellences in China.

In the afternoon, after a tasty lunch of tortellini and cappelletti with meat stock and boiled meet with sauce, primary children met the Chef Massimo Spigaroli within the framework of the “Parla con Me” project. Talented about the art of pasta dough after the training in the Atelier del Gusto with Roberta and curious as journalists, kids started a long conversation and asked many questions, such as why Massimo Spigaroli decided to become a Chef and which is his favourite dish.

Chef Spigaroli shared his passion for nature, countryside, animals, and food products, that turned into him into a professional Chef and let him start an entrepreneurial restaurant business awarded by one prestigious “star” (Michelin).

The Chef praised Roberta, saying the chicken broth smell in the School remembered the one of his home, where his grandmother was cooking. Children of the School followed with great interest his tale, taking notes and making drawings, that will be soon further edited together with teachers.


Tempo di musica!

Emma Re e Olen Cesari. Due artisti, due musicisti di origine italiana e fama internazionale, hanno incontrato i bambini e le bambine della Scuola Italiana Paritaria d’Ambasciata per due momenti dedicati alla musica.

Lunedì 27 Novembre, Emma Re ha intonato la canzone “Volare” di Domenico Modugno, provando a superare le barriere del suono con la sua acutissima voce fino a riuscire a “rompere i vetri delle finestre”, come le avevano chiesto i bambini.

Martedì 28 Novembre, Olen Cesari ha suonato il violino elettrico, brani natilizi e rock, davanti ad un pubblico di bambini entusiasti e pieni di gioia, che contribuivano a tenere il ritmo.

Music time!

Emma Re and Olen Cesari. Two artists, two Italian musicians reknown all around the world, met the pupils of the Accredited Italian Embassy School and dedicated two music times to them!

On Monday Nov. 27th, Emma Re, sang “Volare”, the famous song by Domenico Modugno and she tried hard to “break the glasses” with her high voice, to meet the request by the children.

On Tuesday Nov. 28th, Olen Cesari, played his electric violin, Christmas and rock songs, to a room full of enthusiastic kids dying to hear more, who also contributed to the rhythm being played by violinist.